Dead Bird Blues


Watercolour, acrylic and pen in sketchbook.

Watercolour, acrylic and pen in sketchbook.

This one was inspired by some sort of heartache. The image just came to my mind and I suppose that was how I was feeling at the time: a small bird crushed by scissors.

I used acrylic for the red because watercolour wasn’t showing up as vibrantly. I also wanted to add some depth so after adding the writing, I layered the acrylic directly onto the bird’s body.

The writing is made up a few poems that are centred around death. My two favourites are “Miss Rosie” by Lucille Clifton and “A Hero” by Robert William Service.

“Miss Rosie”

when I watch you
wrapped up like garbage
sitting, surrounded by the smell
of too old potato peels
when I watch you
in your old man’s shoes
with the little toe cut out
sitting, waiting for your mind
like next week’s grocery
I say
when I watch you
you wet brown bag of a woman
who used to be the best looking gal in Georgia
used to be called the Georgia Rose
I stand up
through your destruction
I stand up

“A Hero”

Three times I had the lust to kill,
To clutch a throat so young and fair,
And squeeze with all my might until
No breath of being lingered there.
Three times I drove the demon out,
Though on my brow was evil sweat. . . .
And yet I know beyond a doubt
He’ll get me yet, he’ll get me yet.

I know I’m mad, I ought to tell
The doctors, let them care for me,
Confine me in a padded cell
And never, never set me free;
But Oh how cruel that would be!
For I am young – and comely too . . .
Yet dim my demon I can see,
And there is but one thing to do.

Three times I beat the foul fiend back;
The fourth, I know he will prevail,
And so I’ll seek the railway track
And lay my head upon the rail,
And sight the dark and distant train,
And hear its thunder louder roll,
Coming to crush my cursed brain . . .
Oh God, have mercy on my soul!

Those poem are pretty great, right? I also used “Mirror” by Sylvia Plath, “Kaddish” by Allen Ginsberg and “When I am dead, my dearest” by Christina Rossetti.

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