The Door and the Golden Bird


Watercolour and pen in sketchbook.

Watercolour and pen in sketchbook.

It feels like it has been awhile. My ol’ Macbook Pro pooped out on me. Instead of taking it to AppleCare (the quick but expensive fix), I had Mack fix it for me. The ordered piece (I’d tell what piece it was but, you know that’s too technical) came in a few days ago. And voila! She’s up and running. The funny thing is that now I am hyper aware of my computer’s frailty. Apparently Macs are meant to breakdown after awhile (notice that mine started to go just after the two year warranty. How suspicious). So what if this is just the beginning? Is a stroke next? A heart attack? Or maybe just a midlife crisis?

I’d like to say that with my computer out-of-order I got a lot of work done, but that is not the case. I’ve realized that my computer is tied to my productivity just as it is a vehicle for procrastination. For example, I only finished two sketchbook pieces. I’m pretty disappointed. And now that school is starting in a few days I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep the blogging up. I suppose I could treat it like any other homework.

Wait. I’ve done more painting than I originally admitted. You know how most people’s school notebooks look the same? Well I decided to solve that by painting my moleskins. I don’t have the photos with me (I’m at my mom’s), but I will post them tomorrow. To peak your interest I can tell you that one of the paintings looks like a vagina.

The painting posted above is inspired by Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha. I read the book in preparation for my Asian Philosophies Class and fell in love with it (more so the first half). I love that a doctrine isn’t the solution, instead enlightenment is found within the Self.

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2 thoughts on “The Door and the Golden Bird

  1. What a beautiful watercolour! Full of dreamy atmosphere and colour, nicely illustrating the already nice idea of discovering a treasure beyond the locked door 🙂

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