Government Building Bushes


Pen, pencil crayon and watercolour.

Pen, pencil crayon and watercolour.

I saw a man with lined skin kneeling behind a bush. His friend was telling him to push. The wrinkled red tomato was simply taking a shit.

One of them yelled, “There’s that girl.” An image of a man with pants around his ankles running after me came to my mind. Would I run? Is there any way that he could catch me? Also, was I the girl? Am I known to those who shit behind government building bushes?

There may be a poster of my face at the base of a shrub. All of these questions and possibilities flooded my brain as I crossed the street.

He did not chase me. And as I’m sitting (not shitting) here I’m thinking, did I really see this? He could have been looking for something or maybe his sciatica was acting up.

But at the same time, both of the men looked homeless, and if you have to go it’s not like you can run home. And maybe the dear tomato has a terrible fear of public restrooms. I’ve met a few people like that.

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