There is Someone Looking for You

Ink and watercolour.

Ink and watercolour.

After watching Safety Not Guaranteed (which is a great movie) I started thinking about personal ads. Kijiji revealed that many people are looking for all sorts of companionship. The fact isn’t really surprising considering the amount of dating sites out there. After some research I have found that there are many sites for people looking for any kind of connection (Girlfriend Social,, Meetup, and Life Knot). No matter who you are there is someone looking for you. Want to go to the Fringe? There is someone who wants to go with you. Speak French? There is a 28 year-old male from Ontario looking to chat.

I started to think about loneliness. When you feel lonely it feels as if you are the only person in the world. All your friends are doing their own thing, exes are moving on, and your mom is going to a club with her boyfriend. Even your cats prefer each other’s company to yours. When you are lonely you worry less about embarrassing yourself. Do it! Send that Vodka inspired text. But in the end it backfires because those friends who are so busy will stop responding after they receive so many moody messages. People will just stop caring.

Seeing all of the lonely people on Kijiji made me feel a little better. I want them to be as lonely as I am. That’s really terrible, I know. It must be difficult to move to a new place and not know anyone, to be a single parent looking to squeeze a little friendship in, or to only know the basics of English in a fast moving city. But god damnit, I want you to feel abandoned and friendless. I want your days and nights to run together and for your world to grow still.

How would people respond to my personal ad? Well first of all, what would I write?

Twenty-year-old female (I don’t think I would say whether I was dating anyone) looking for some kind of companionship. Preferably female, but to tell you the truth I have no idea what I’m looking for. Hobbies include reading, writing, and painting (generally things one does alone). I would prefer someone who has some university education (because I’m a snob). If interested feel free to contact me (I will judge you based on your writing). 

I don’t think I’d even respond to that. Would you? In real life I would have to underline my selling points, obviously.


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One thought on “There is Someone Looking for You

  1. what an incredible insightful and all encompasing collections of thoughts. I know what it is like to be in the fast moving exciting, every day is new kind of lane and I know what it is like to be in a very still place where life is passing around me is it lonliness or is it boredom?

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