Bluebird — Bukowski

Acrylic and ink on canvas.

Acrylic and ink on canvas.

This is another painting inspired by Bukowski’s “Bluebird.”  It has a messy feel, doesn’t it?

I’ve been experimenting with ink splatter quite a lot. I would hate to rely on it too much, so I’ll be careful not to use it too much. Perhaps the ink drippings are fitting:

but I pour whiskey on him and inhale
cigarette smoke

In the background is, of course, lines from “Bluebird.” Soon I’ll be able to recite the poem by heart. I’ve never endeavoured to do that. Should this be my poem? The poem I recite after having too many drinks? I think so. Hey, why not recite it at my show. I’m sure my professor who might stop by would love it.

Speaking of my show, it’s coming up pretty quickly. I still have to finish varnishing, figure out how to hang my pieces, and make little cards to go beside them (you know the ones you see in galleries). I also have to make sure that I don’t spend too much money. You know, I would still like to eat.


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