Flight — For Wares

Paper, and ink on Canvas.

Paper, and ink on Canvas.

Here is another gift for a musician (Wares) that is playing my show. He asked for a radio tower.  I decided to give the painting a “rough around the edges” appearance. Wares has that look, but he is also a really nice guy.

To the painting. The back ground paper comes from my copy of Tom Jones. I had to read the book for my Rise of the British Novel class, and hated it. I didn’t even finish the novel, which is unusual for me. Does anyone actually like that novel, or do we all pretend to like it because we’re “supposed” to? Wares, I’m sorry if you do in fact like Tom Jones. I also apologize to my professor.

The rest of the painting is pretty simple. Looking at it now, the blue ink kind of resembles an eye. Considering the painting is of a radio tower, maybe an ear would have been more apt. I suppose it’s too late now.

It’s just a little over two weeks until my show, and there is still so much to do. Finish varnishing the paintings, paint more, figure out pricing, attach some kind of hanging device (hanging hooks?), and put up more posters.

I can do it all, right?





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2 thoughts on “Flight — For Wares

  1. There is a roughness and richness in your images which I love

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