Fat Tire — For Ryan.

Ink and acrylic on canvas. 12"x12"

Ink and acrylic on canvas. 12″x 12″

So for my upcoming show I have decided to make a piece of art for each of my musicians (three works of art). This one is for my cousin, or Loligo — as he is known on stage.

This will be his first show, so he might be as nervous as I am.

When we were growing up we were relatively close, but when the teenage years hit we parted. Now, in our early twenties we have become friends again. We go to shows together, often drink too much, and admit things we normally wouldn’t. I suppose that’s a good method because I definitely don’t remember all of his secrets.

Last time we went to a show (at Wunderbar) we discovered the real extent of our similarities. As Mack says, Ryan and I are similar enough to be siblings. It’s funny that we could still be that close with the separation during our teens.

Back to the painting. Why a giraffe? Well I asked Ryan what he would like me to paint and he said, “probably a painting of me [him]…and a giraffe.”

I decided to go with just the giraffe.

Why Fat Tire? We were at The Common one evening and Ryan ordered a Fat Tire beer. He also has a funny thing with his weight (even though he is definitely not overweight), so everyone around the table started calling him Fat Tire. He didn’t like the beer but I kept calling him Fat Tire anyways. Ryan informed me that he would prefer the name Rum Jugs. I don’t understand how that is any better, but I guess that could be inspiration for another painting.

The circles in the back are meant to look like, you guessed it, fat tires. I could see Ryan claiming that they are records. But I know, he knows, and now you know the truth.


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