Who stood before you speechless — Allen Ginsberg

Paper, and ink on canvas.

Paper, and ink on canvas.

So here is my second painting of the wonderful Allen Ginsberg. You can find my first painting here.  I’m thinking that the first painting is better, but what can you do?

The photograph I used for my inspiration can be found on this website. 

I started by pasting the canvas with clippings from the annotated version of Howl. I used rubber cement instead of Mod Podge — big mistake. The pieces of paper didn’t quite stick to the canvas.

I used mostly India Ink. It was the same ink that my grade 10 art teacher had given me. It sounds impressive, but if it has lasted this long I obviously haven’t been using it enough. Anyways, I finished it. It’s all gone. So to cover the rest of the black I used Higgins Fountain Pen India. This ink turned out to be thinner. In the end I might have to buy more India Ink just so the whole piece appears uniform.

When I was getting started on the piece, Raleigh felt the need to really get involved.

Overall I think the painting turned out alright. I’ve observed that paintings with a lot of detail (such as my first Ginsberg painting) are more catching to the eye. Perhaps my next painting will be highly intricate.

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