Personal Hamsa

Pen, marker, and watercolour in sketchbook.

I have drawn a few Hamsas. When I draw them for people I add in all of the things that they like or are passionate about.

So for my Hamsa, I filled it will all of the things I care about. The butterflies represent Nabokov, the trumpet represents Beirut (the writing is Beirut’s “Elephant Gun”), and the video camera and film represent Mack.

Moving to the palm. I had to add an owl, and a paintbrush. Orchids aren’t actually my favourite flowers (Gerbera daisies are), but I do think that there is a certain elegance about the Orchid. “Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead” is, of course, a Bukowski quote.

Lastly, I added a typewriter.  For most Hamsas this spot is where an evil eye would go. Perhaps the typewriter is my symbol for warding off evil?

I plan to do a larger version of my personal Hamsa.

Here is a Hamsa that I had done for a friend:

Pen in sketchbook. 2010.

Pen in sketchbook. 2010.


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