Imaginary Us

Watercolour and pen in sketchbook.

Watercolour and pen in sketchbook.

The other day I spent the afternoon with Jessica, a fellow writer. Over the duration of our time together we joked about arm-absence. We weren’t making fun of people without arms, we just kept returning to the idea of having no arms. We had no arms. The grotesque dragon had no arms. The seagull had no wings and neither did the airplane.

At around 7, sitting in an Edmonton ‘park,’ we watched the crows. Curiously enough, they were the only ones with wings or ‘arms’ that afternoon. We discussed crows versus ravens and we joked about tattoos.

The time I spend with Jessica is relatively bittersweet because she is moving to Vancouver. We have newly become friends and she is already flying away — not that she is flying away from me (I hope).

Back to the piece. The writing on the top is part of Jessica’s “The Silent Room,” and the writing on the bottom is a portion of my “Henry in the Wall.”

Mack mentioned that the painting looks a little cultish. Maybe we’re a cult of two.

Check out more of Jessica’s work here.

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4 thoughts on “Imaginary Us

  1. Hello, Fig on said:

    love the image, love the handwriting, love the little ‘no-arm’ story 🙂

  2. I’m getting to enjoy these drawings more and more. They have just the right amount of pookish charm to add warmth to my day. Lovely stuff

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