April Birthday Cards & Clogged Sinks

So we are going to my Mom’s for Easter and Birthday dinner tomorrow. I think the main focus is on my sister’s and nephew’s birthday.

I made two cards for my nephew. I don’t intend on giving both away, I’m just having trouble deciding which one I like best. The balloon card didn’t turn out exactly as planned. It would have been better if I had some other kind of glue. The “sticky dots” I used aren’t exactly inconspicuous.

With its odd shape, I can see the hand card being ripped or forgotten. It is also rather clumsy. But I do like the personal touch. I traced my hand, of course.

When I was crafting(?) I didn’t feel like my normal crafty self. That could have been because my landlord was trying to unclog my kitchen sink (it’s still not unclogged if you were curious). I never know what to say to my landlord. I don’t want to say too much. What if I seem irresponsible (What? Oh! The Vermouth on top of my fridge is really just for decoration), too friendly (I’m lonely and I’m on my fifth episode of Sex and the City for the day — maybe that’s more desperate than friendly), or what if my apartment is not up to her level of clean ( I promise that I will eventually take out the cardboard box that has been sitting in my kitchen for over a month)? But there is always the danger of saying too little. That’s more my style — awkwardly stand around trying not to breathe down her neck because I really don’t want to wash dishes in the shower again (I didn’t shower AND wash dishes at the same time, just so you know).

My lack of craftiness could also be because of my laziness. I wasn’t kidding about Sex and the City. My next exam isn’t until the 26th, and all of my essays are in. What do I do now? TELL ME!

I could draw, or write. But what about that laziness? I’m just like the clogged sink (mentally, not physically).

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