On the Tide – Zach Condon


Pen on paper. Sketchbook.

Pen on paper. Sketchbook.

So this is my first attempt at drawing a portrait in awhile. I’m not completely happy with the way it turned out, but this may be because I adore Zach Condon and no image that I ever produce could capture his finesse. Ok, I’m usually not one for celebrity crushes (even typing that stirs me to cringe), but for some reason I don’t see him as a regular celebrity.

Zach Condon is from the band, Beirut. They are wonderfully unique, and his voice is incredibly mellifluous (I swear I’m not a fan girl).

Here is the image that I used:

The Real Zach. CREDIT: http://zachcondon.tumblr.com/

The Real Zach. CREDIT: http://zachcondon.tumblr.com/

Looking at the images nearly side-by-side I can really see the problems. His head should have more of tilt, and I seem to be missing a certain Zach-ness. But considering that it is my first time back at it, I think it turned out O.K.

I’m also thinking of adding something in the background. Maybe my trademark writing — a few Beirut songs. But I also worry that that might be too distracting. I could always do a watercolour wash — I’m imagining blue.

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