Bob in Red

HarmonicaThis is a piece that a had done some time ago. I was in the midst of my Bob Dylan obsession.

Why am I posting such an old piece? 

Well folks, lately I just haven’t been in the art mood. Maybe I haven’t been in the anything mood. A few posts ago I had mentioned that I was going to do a few Holocaust pieces. I have failed in that hope – for now.

All summer I worked at getting back into art, and for awhile I was entrenched. Considering this, the drought may be because  I have simply become overloaded with planning ,painting, and drawing.

The second reason may be my giddiness for school to start. I can’t possibly fit anything in my brain other than student loans, textbooks, french class, and essays.

My bet is on boredom. I am bored with anything I could possibly create.  Ideas flow into my brain, but they are quickly eschewed.

So what am I to do? 

Well I guess I should take up knitting.

OR not be so harsh on my ideas.

On a side note

I found out earlier today that I made my first real sale on Society6. I’m stressing real, because I am not too sure my boyfriend counts.

The RiverRoadProductions sweater that Mack ordered.

The RiverRoadProductions sweater that Mack ordered.

As I was making a post about the sale on Facebook, I suddenly wondered whether the buyer was really a friend. What if they had thought of me in pity and decided to order something? What if as the friend reads the Facebook post, even more pity is expressed?

Well what can you do? At least they’re buying something.

Check out my store on Society6! 





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