Some Fish With That?

Pabst Blue Fish - watercolour

Pabst Blue Fish – watercolour

So during the Artwalk, artists were supposed to be making art. And they did indeed. On treks to the washroom I spotted many artists with board or canvas on their laps. Some would look up occasionally, but others were completely involved in their work.

Prior to that weekend I was also told that I should prepare some art to work on.

I brought simple sketches of Pabst Blue Fish, and Some Fish With That? I stuck with watercolour, I can’t imagine working with acrylic while being so stressed.

I wanted to do something kind of silly – unlike my usual work. If I were to mess up, it wouldn’t really be the end of the world.

It was very difficult to keep my attention on the painting. A) I am a person that likes to paint alone. I mean, I only recently started being comfortable painting in front of Mack. B) I was unbelievably stressed that something was going to go wrong. What if the tent fell down? Or what if a framed painting fell and broke? I would be too busy with my silly painting of a fish.

At the end of the Artwalk I was planning to do more paintings of fish in strange places. But I get bored easily.

But maybe its not just the boredom. Maybe I have had a hard time painting anything at all.

Today I’ll try to paint something, but I might need more coffee first.



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