Published in The Wanderer Online: “The View From a Frame”

The View From a Frame

After sending many stories to countless literary magazines, one of my stories has finally been published. When I sent my Canada Day article to The Wanderer Online, the culture editor informed me that they publish fiction as well. I guess she just assumed I wrote fiction. So I checked my list of short stories, and “The View From a Frame” was only being reviewed by one other magazine. After learning that the folks at The Wanderer loved the short story, I emailed the literary magazine. I informed them that my story was to be published elsewhere. Oh, what a great feeling!

More on the story

“The View From a Frame” was one of the first stories I wrote when I was getting back into writing. I am not going to tell you what its about. I was tempted to, I really was. I am curious how people will interpret it.

Here is the link to the story.

Feel free to let me know what you think.

On a last note

I also painted the image to go with the story.

You might have noticed that all the paintings except one are ‘leaking’ paint. While the one that is being looked at retains its paint.

What does it all mean?

Art is meant to be looked at, and enjoyed!


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