Watercolour Business Cards


Watercolour business cards


The ArtWalk is drawing near! 

The other day I went to a “First timers ArtWalk seminar,” and the speaker mentioned business cards. She said that any business course will promote a good business card. In my mind I pictured a clean cut card.

Something similar to those in American Psycho -Trashness.com

I didn’t go for clean cut for two reasons. 

One, money. My boyfriend also needs business cards, probably more so than I do. So rather than both of us getting cards, to save money – I decided to make my own.

Two, being an artist I should be able to make my own.

The Process. 

First, I took a photo of my eye on my phone.

Second, I took a large piece of watercolour paper, and painted the image of my eye using watercolours. I then outlined the eye using acrylic marker and pen.

Third, I then painted the background in a light yellow/orange watercolour. I should have done this before painting the eye – but oh well!

Fourth, I splattered watercolour all over the watercolour paper. First I splattered violet, blue, green yellow…and so on. Just like the rainbow. It all seemed too light to me, so I also added some black. I really wanted some nice layering, and I think I achieved this.

Fifth, I cut up the watercolour paper with a ruler and an X-acto Knife. I kind of measured, but I mostly just eyeballed.

Finally, I tried writing on the cards, but it just didn’t look right. I had some left over clear full sheet labels, so I typed my information out on my computer and printed it off. I cut the labels out and slapped them onto the cards.

I made a little over fifty cards, but not all of them are completely finished. I ran out of clear full sheet labels. So today I have to venture out into the world. Perhaps to Staples…but first I have to clean the bathroom.




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5 thoughts on “Watercolour Business Cards

  1. What a great idea for a business card. You are delightfully creative.

  2. These are gorgeous! You should consider making a business of it…!!

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