The Wayward Parrot

6" x 8" Canvas Panel

6″ x 8″ Canvas Panel

This is a piece inspired by a drawing that I had originally done in high school. I have felt out of the art state of mind, so I decided to do something relatively simple.

I typed "The Wayward Parrot" on my 1936 Underwood typewriter.

I typed “The Wayward Parrot” on my 1936 Underwood typewriter.

More about the origin of the piece.

The last year of high school was rather arduous for me. Like many individuals on the cusp of adulthood, I was still figuring things out. This is not to say that I have everything sorted out now, I don’t. Things might even be more difficult. And I still phone my Mom in tears when my world is in shambles.

In my grade twelve year I had no idea what I was doing. I mean, I was even engaged! I had, and still do have a tendency to get caught up in the first few months of love. To say the least, the relationship didn’t last.

I also had a short liaison with a woman. I wasn’t kidding about figuring things out.

In hindsight it was all something I just had to ramble through.

I had drawn the parrot in light of all the troubles. I was very impatient for high school to be over, and because I couldn’t “fast-forward” I just had to adopt a wayward state of mind.

This is the original piece in my sketchbook.

This is the original piece in my sketchbook.

– Acrylic, pen, and paper on canvas panel. 

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