Sing The Blues – Billie Holiday

Sing The Blues - Billie Holiday

24″ x 36″ Canvas

Here is the finished piece of Billie Holiday.

As you can see, I have added some writing.

As you can see, I have added some writing.

The origin of the piece. 

I had first done a variation of this piece in 2011, in my sketchbook. This was when I had first really discovered Billie Holiday. For awhile she was all I listened to. At night I would sit all alone in the living room, a glass of wine clasped in my hand, and I would take in her voice.

Now a days I don’t listen to Holiday too often. But when I do, I remember how much I love her; the piano that warms you, and her voice that keeps hold of the very depths of you.

If you are curious, right now I am listening to “I’ll Be Seeing You.”











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2 thoughts on “Sing The Blues – Billie Holiday

  1. I thought she was amazing, and I love your work

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