A few months ago my boyfriend and I had an assignment where we had to take a photo as if it was for a magazine. The class was photojournalism.

We traveled out into the wind, and cold, to the stairs that lead into the river-valley by our apartment. While there I sat on the railing, without my jacket, and he took some photos. At first Mack wanted me to lie on the railing, but my balance is far from being that good. By the end I was rather ill-tempered as I could not feel my hands.

Enough of the grumbling. 

I think the photos turned out swell. It is unusual for me to admit this when scrutinizing a photo of myself. I am sure many people could identify with this.

Even if you find yourself agreeable in a photo, it is taboo to admit such a thing.

Well you know what, I think I look pretty all right.


The magazine Mack chose to emulate was the music magazine, Spin. The headline and premise for the photo was that I had previously been a singer, but had decided to give it all up to paint.

The story is false of course, I am still a singer. If in the shower, and while cleaning counts.

My Photos. 

You can also view some of my photos of Mack, for the same assignment, in the post “Portfolio: Favorites From a Year Gone By.” Here is one of my photos:

New ways to dress smart: Tweed should no longer just be found in you grandfather’s closet.

New ways to dress smart: Tweed should no longer just be found in you grandfather’s closet.

I was going for a Men’s Vogue look.


More of Mack.

You can ogle Mack’s work some more here.

Tidbit: I did in fact paint the River Road Productions logo.



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2 thoughts on “Modelling?

  1. It was very good of you to model for him anyway. I don’t enjoy being photographed myself.

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