HOLY, HOLY – Allen Ginsberg

Holy, Holy - Allen Ginsberg


Oh, the wonderful Allen Ginsberg

This is the second piece in my Beats collection (Kerouac was the first). I love both writers, but my heart really does belong to Ginsberg. I love his strangeness, and his overwhelming flamboyancy. I adore “Howl,” “America,” and “A Supermarket In California.”  This is the piece that I will miss most when it sells, if it sells.

For those who don’t know, Ginsberg was a beat poet and writer best known for his poem, “Howl.”

More about the actual piece. 

I chose to paint the young Ginsberg because of how open his face appears. He still looks innocent, and a little less frazzled.

I mean, he looks friendly here, but...

I mean, he looks friendly…
– PoetryFoundation.org

The photo that inspired the drawing can be found in a lot of places, but to make it easier, here’s the link

I drew flowers in the background (instead of writing, for once!) for two reasons.

One, because of this photo:

He loves me, he loves me not…

Two, I wanted to get away from just writing in the background. I was very tempted to do so. I am pretty happy that I stuck to my decision.

On a last note about the piece, the title, Holy, Holy is from”Footnote to Howl.”

I wonder what beat inspired piece will be next.

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8 thoughts on “HOLY, HOLY – Allen Ginsberg

  1. Bloody brilliant if I may say soi

  2. Oh thank you very much.

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