The Celebrity

Emily Storvold •••


He was one of those bald guys that comb all their hair over from the side to cover up the baldness. When the sun beat down especially hard, his remaining hairs stuck to his freckled scalp. When he walked along the street he would always get incredulous looks from fans. Young girls would bite their lips in disappointment, while the grey haired men just walked by, pretending not to see.

It had only been a week since he had first seen the growth. One morning, as he peered through the bathroom door, it made its introduction. A fine ‘how do you do.’ The red and bulbous growth could not be popped; its moisture could not be lifted by the most expensive of creams.

His agent and manager were appalled at such a manifestation. The worry of unemployment swarmed into their swollen heads. Dispassion followed suit, as they both had full…

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